Sound to Harbor Early Learning Programs serves children and families in centers across Grays Harbor, Thurston, and Mason counties.

We provide:

Our preschool program serves children who have turned 3 years old by August 31. We give priority placement to 4-year-olds.

Fill out this online form:

To find out if you qualify for free or low-cost services, fill out a pre-enrollment form in English or Spanish:

Or give us a call:

If you don't qualify for financial help, or would prefer talking on the phone, register your child by calling 360-464-6800.

Need Help?

Call 360-464-6800.

What Happens Next?

You will be contacted, either by phone or by mail, regarding the status of your application.

We must be able to reach you in order to enroll your child. If you move or change your phone number after completing the application, it is your responsibility to notify Head Start.